how well do you know friends?

easy for the ones that love the show.
CREATED BYpinkstarr24

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what is the name of richards (monicas exboyfriend) daughter?
  • lauren
  • michelle
  • karen
  • amy
  • 2
    what is the last word said on friends?
  • bye
  • okay
  • where
  • now
  • 3
    pheobe ends up marrying david (the scientist)
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    who once dated pheobes twin sister, ursula?
  • ross
  • chandler
  • joey
  • chandler and joey
  • none of them
  • 5
    what happend to the wedding ring ross gave emily?
  • the stripper stole it
  • the duck swallowed it
  • monica took it
  • emily lost it
  • 6
    who moves in after joey moves out of their apartment?
  • this never happens
  • kip
  • eddie
  • ross
  • 7
    this is a line of one of pheobes songs... "New york city has no power and the milk is getting sour"
  • True
  • False
  • 8
    where does chandler say hes moving to, to get rid of janice because he cant break up with her?
  • philidalphia
  • australia
  • venice
  • yemen
  • 9
    what is the name of monicas millionare ex-boyfriend?
  • pete
  • chip
  • marcell
  • richard
  • 10
    who says "i just want a million dollars!"
  • ross
  • monica
  • chandler
  • pheobe
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