all about viva la bam

yes it is viva LA bam all the seasons

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what is the first episode of the first season?
  • phils hell day
  • bams skatepark
  • dont feed phil
  • phils hell day/bams skate park
  • viva las vegas
  • 2
    in 'very merry margera christmas' what does bam make the house into?
  • a football field
  • civil war
  • ice skating rink
  • skate park
  • 3
    in 'aprils revenge' what does april do to get revenge on bam?
  • takes his skateboard
  • takes is thousand dollar coat
  • leaves him on an island
  • 4
    what does bam do to get back at APRIL for leaving him on the island?
  • blows up her car
  • fills her car with snow
  • 'blows up' there house
  • 5
    in season two 'castle bam' why does bam end up having to move?
  • he was kicked out of the country
  • he moved?
  • he was kicked out of the city
  • he was kicked out of the township
  • 6
    how much is bams heating bill in season four 'cky gets jobs'?
  • $458
  • $583
  • $482
  • $588
  • $582
  • 7
    who gets the parking ticket in 'cky gets jobs'
  • Brandon dicamillo (dico)
  • Bam Margera (bam)
  • Ryan Dunn (dunn)
  • Raab Himself (raab)
  • 8
    in season five 'limo vs lambo' what car wins out of Dunns limo and Bams lambo?
  • lambo
  • limo
  • i have no idea im doing this quiz for the sake of it
  • 9
    how many episodes in season three?
  • 4
  • 8
  • 10
  • 7
  • 10
    is bam the most awesomeust skater you know of?
  • uhhhhhhhhh i guess
  • maybe
  • how should i know
  • who's bam?
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