Do you know Sex and the City?

A quiz about all season of SATC!

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What is Charlotte's brother's name?
  • Adam
  • Wesley
  • Jackson
  • Mitchell
  • 2
    Who helped Aidan pick out the ring that Carrie accepts from him?
  • Charlotte
  • Miranda
  • Samantha
  • Stanford
  • 3
    Where is Aidan's cabin located?
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  • 4
    Where does Harry propose to Charlotte?
  • At the Statue of Liberty
  • In Central Park
  • At her apartment over dinner
  • At a Jewish singles gathering
  • 5
    Where does Miranda have to go when her mother dies?
  • Philadelphia
  • Brooklyn
  • Pittsburg
  • The Hampton's
  • 6
    What does Charlotte do to help Carrie buy her apartment?
  • Loans her money
  • Gives her her engagement ring
  • Gets Carrie some free lance writing work
  • Nothing, she thinks Carrie should do it on her own
  • 7
    Miranda runs into a rumor problem at her law office. What is the rumor about her?
  • She has chlamydia
  • She isn't really a lawyer
  • She's a lesbian
  • She is having sex with the boss
  • 8
    What does Charlotte insist Harry do before a trip to the Hamptons?
  • Buy a new wardrobe
  • Propose to her
  • Clean out his ears
  • Wax his back
  • 9
    What do Carrie and Samantha get Miranda for her baby shower?
  • A stroller
  • A "baby basket" with lots of goodies
  • A prada diaper bag
  • A diaper cake
  • 10
    What is the first gift that Richard buys for Samantha?
  • A Chanel wallet
  • A bracelet
  • A yellow diamond ring
  • A fendi handbag
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