Im Ricky bobby

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What is Ricky and Cal's nick name?
  • fast and faster
  • shake and bake
  • dumb and dumber
  • dark and cloudy
  • 2
    What is Rickys main sponser at the begining of the movie?
  • wonder bread
  • fig neutons
  • pepsi
  • mountain dew
  • 3
    by contract which sponser must ricky mension every prayer?
  • coke
  • taco bell
  • mcDonalds
  • powerade
  • 4
    What is the meal ricky's wife slaved over for hours?
  • taco bell, pizza hut, and KFC
  • Pasta, salad, and bread
  • chicken, rice, and beans
  • pot roast, beans, macaroni
  • 5
    How much does Ricky say baby jesus weighted in his prayer?
  • 6.8lbs
  • 8.3lbs
  • 7.2lbs
  • 8.6lbs
  • 6
    Who did Ricky as to do magic when he was "on fire"?
  • wicked witch of the west
  • sabrina the teenage witch
  • his mother
  • Tom cruise
  • 7
    What are Ricky's sons names?
  • Walker and Texas Ranger
  • Doctor Quin and Medicine Women
  • Billy and Bobby
  • Cal and hal
  • 8
    Why did Ricky stick a knife in his leg?
  • he thought he was paralized
  • he wanted to cut it off
  • he had a giant wort
  • there was a fly on his leg
  • 9
    What saying did Ricky live by?
  • "If you dont win your not the best"
  • "If ya cant beat um join um"
  • "if you aint first your last"
  • "come in first place or your not good"
  • 10
    Who does ricky end up dating?
  • his ex wife
  • his nanny
  • his son's teacher
  • His assistant
  • 11
    Who won the race at the end?
  • cal
  • ricky
  • jeff
  • jurard
  • 12
    What is ricky's sponser and mascot at the end of the movie?
  • me, cougar
  • you, cheetah
  • us, jaguar
  • we, lepard
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