A Night At The Roxbury

a quiz about my favourite film in the 90's 'A Night At The Roxbury'
CREATED BYplacebogirl1

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what are the Butabi brothers called?
  • steve and greg
  • doug and steve
  • doug and collin
  • something else
  • 2
    who do they have a car accident with ?
  • a tramp
  • Richard Grieco
  • a man
  • 3
    steve and doug work at their fathers store but what does it sell
  • silk plant store
  • a lamp store
  • a sweet shop
  • a newsagents
  • 4
    what is there dream that they share?
  • owning thier own nightclub
  • working in their fathers silk plant store
  • being unemployed
  • working in a burger bar
  • 5
    what club do they want to get in to but can't ?
  • the roxbury
  • the club
  • the riztz
  • none of the above
  • 6
    who does steve nearly marry?
  • emily
  • sharon
  • joyce
  • petra
  • 7
    what theme does steve and doug want thier nightclub to be ?
  • a plant club
  • an inside outside theme
  • ice cream theme
  • 8
    a police women stopped steve on the road but why did he think it was funny afterwards
  • he thought it was a hoax
  • he thought the hot police women was asking him on a date to court but it was actually a speeding fin
  • he did't care
  • he did not know
  • 9
    at the end of the film steve and doug are driving by and they see ?
  • the silk plant store
  • the inside outside club
  • the roxbury
  • they did not see anything
  • 10
    who is Mr. Zadir
  • a tramp
  • owner of the roxbury and other clubs
  • don't know
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