What do you know about Hannah Montana

Take this quiz and find out if you a fan of the show Hannah Montana
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Who knows Miley's secret?
  • Lilly and Oliver
  • Amber and Ashley
  • Nobody
  • 2
    In the episode of Achy Jakey Heart what were Oliver and Jackson selling?
  • Drinks
  • Hotdogs
  • Lemonade
  • Cheese Jerky
  • 3
    Who is Miley's best friend?
  • Jake
  • Lilly
  • Oliver
  • 4
    In the episode of Miley get your gum what was Oliver scared of?
  • Bugs
  • Gum
  • Hannah Montana
  • 5
    In the episode of Lilly can you keep a secret why was lilly mad at miley?
  • She wanted miley to tell her a long time ago
  • She wanted miley to let her tell her secret
  • She wasnt mad at miley
  • 6
    What was the name of the girl Oliver dated?
  • Becca Weller
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Lilly Osment
  • 7
    Who did Miley tell her secret to.
  • Family and Friends
  • Everyone
  • No one
  • 8
    Who was about to spill Miley's secret?
  • Lilly
  • Oliver
  • Jake
  • 9
    What is Jake's real name?
  • Leslie
  • Tori
  • Ryan
  • 10
    In the episode of Me and Mr Jonas why was Miley jealous of the Jonas Brothers
  • Her dad spent more time with them
  • They had better music
  • Lilly spends more time with them
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