The Mighty Boosh: Series 1

Test your in-depth knowledge of the first series

What is the name of the character played by musician Olly Ralfe in the episode "Killeroo" ?
  • Mickey The Fist
  • Jimmy The Reach
  • Danny The Punch
  • Wally The Hunch
  • 2
    What does Simon McFarnaby say immediately after he head butts Howard ?
  • "Don't mess with me, twenty-niner"
  • "Don't mess with me, sixty-niner"
  • "Don't mess with me, forty-niner"
  • "Don't mess with me, eighty-niner"
  • 3
    In the episode "Charlie", how did the Inuits die ?
  • They were crushed by a posh hammer
  • Eric Phillips froze them
  • They suffocated in Charlie's belly
  • They melted on to the pavement
  • 4
    How many hats is Johnny Two Hats wearing at the end of episode "Electro" ?
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • 5
    When does Vince think he'll be living on an island with a small Indian boy ?
  • Next Thursday
  • Thursday week
  • Tuesday week
  • A week on Tuesday
  • 6
    In order to sign an autograph for a fan, Vince asks Howard for a 2B pencil.
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    At least how many unpaid parking tickets does Trevor Robinson have ?
  • 37
  • 35
  • 45
  • 47
  • 8
    Which of these creatures is mentioned first in episode "Hitcher":
  • Trevor Robinson the Shire Horse
  • The Klu Klux Goose
  • A Hornet
  • The Nazi Turtle
  • 9
    Marcus Hoffman is the head of Pieface Records.
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    The Ape of Death has two guards either side of him; one is called Davy, what is the name of the other ?
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  • 11
    In the episode "Mutants", Dixon Bainbridge goes for lunch with Max, what does Bainbridge have to eat ?
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  • 12
    Which musician appears as Über Mod on the front of Mod Monthly magazine ?
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  • 13
    In the episode "Jungle", Tommy starts to lose his mind when talking about Cheese Dreams. Complete the following line: "I'm turning tricks in ...."
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