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Slow all the traffic down to her complete stop...
  • That sassy tempo with that walk
  • Cause you speakin' that slang that I talk
  • Momma you may be three years older but you hott
  • Keep three of four sweeties on my clock
  • 2
    I know you see me looking at you...
  • Up on that pole...
  • I see you winin' and grindin'...
  • I wanna love you
  • And you already know...
  • 3
    Girl, why you do me like that ?
  • You think cause you trickin you get it just like that ?
  • Can't even call a player back
  • You take all my money...
  • Wait a minute...
  • 4
    You got a girl but she ain't nothin' like...
  • Mine
  • His
  • Her
  • My lady
  • 5
    Listen, I am alone at a crossroads
  • Now I'm done believing you
  • And I've tried and tried
  • I'm not at home in my own home
  • A melody I start but can't complete
  • 6
    You need to stop for a minute...
  • Before you get too deep up in it
  • It's hard lovin' a woman, a woman like me
  • Before you get hooked on the venom
  • Cause everything ain't what it seems
  • 7
    Shawty, shawty...
  • She talkin' that talk just like I like it
  • She workin' dem jeans
  • She wearin' her hair
  • She keep me on and poppin'
  • 8
    Little Nicole is only 10 years old...
  • She's trying to figure out why the world is so cold
  • She's steady trying to figure why the world is so cold
  • Bleedin' on the inside, cryin' on the out
  • Forced to think that hell is a place called home
  • 9
    Got a handful of stacks better grab...
  • Your homies
  • A drink
  • An umbrella
  • Your girl
  • 10
    Now everybody leanin'...
  • And pop your wrist back
  • Now bend your back low
  • I make 'em rock wit it
  • I make the crowd rock
  • 11
    Listen to your heart, girl you know...
  • My heart is breaking
  • It's time for us to go our separate ways
  • We should be apart
  • There's never a right time to say goodbye
  • 12
    We count hundreds on the table...
  • Twenties on the floor
  • Fresh outta work
  • And on the way with some more
  • Bad b****es at my show
  • 13
    SeƱorita, feel the conga...
  • Mira en Barranquilla se baila
  • Let me see you move like you come from Columbia
  • Mi casa (si, Shakira Shakira), su casa
  • Como se llama (si), bonita (si)
  • 14
    Now shorty grab hold of my hand...
  • And let's pretend the floor was ours
  • Ain't nothing wrong with dancing
  • Don't be afraid to move a little closer
  • And just 1, 2, step, 1, 2, step
  • 15
    I like my beat down low and my top let back...
  • Ya like ya Kenwood hot and ya top let back
  • If ya rims sit high and ya windows pitch black
  • Can see me ridein' 64's, wit the windows pitch black
  • Can see me ridin' 24's, wit a chopper in the back
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