Obscure details from the hugely popular American sitcom, Seinfeld

What college did Jerry and George attend ?
  • NYU
  • Rutgers
  • Queens College
  • Did not go to college
  • 2
    When Kramer encourages Jerry to dress as a character, which one did he not suggest ?
  • Indian
  • Cowboy
  • Pirate
  • 3
    When George examines his mother's bra, what happens to it ?
  • He breaks the strap
  • He wears it
  • He freezes it
  • He gets ketchup on it
  • 4
    When Kramer gets Bette Midler an Italian Ice, what flavor does she want ?
  • Pineapple
  • Tutti-frutti
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • 5
    During the final episode, what does George confess when he thinks the plane will crash ?
  • He loves Elaine
  • He cheated on The Contest
  • He had a fear of flying
  • He stole a magazine at the airport
  • 6
    When Elaine's boyfriend tries to rekindle their romance while in the hospital, Jerry pretends to be her current boyfriend and says the date would interere with them going to what destination ?
  • The Catskills
  • The Poconos
  • The Hamptons
  • Atlantic City
  • 7
    What candy bar is George upset about not getting out of the candy machine at Puddy's dealership ?
  • Almond Joy
  • Kit Kat
  • Twix
  • Heath
  • 8
    When Elaine visits the elderly woman with the goiter, who did the woman claim she had an affair with ?
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Al Capone
  • Ghandi
  • 9
    When Elaine dated a doctor, what part of her body did he grab ?
  • Her tongue
  • Her rear end
  • Her hair
  • Her breast
  • 10
    In the final episode, what was the last topic of conversation when they were all in the jail cell together
  • How they miss the coffee shop ?
  • How they wish they would've helped the man who was robbed ?
  • How the second button on a shirt can be too high ?
  • How bad the food is in jail ?
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