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10 questions covering the show from 2006 right back to the beginning.

This Quiz has details from the 2006 season all the way back to the shows beginning. See if you can get them all
Theresa tried to get closer to Ethan while he was still with Gwyn by:
  • Becoming Ivy's assistant
  • Working at a restaurant he frequents
  • Becoming a legal assistant
  • Becoming best friends with Gwyn
  • 2
    Sheridan had horrible nightmares because she believed that she:
  • Killed a childhood pet
  • Stabbed and Killed someone as a child
  • Didn't know her real parents
  • Was abducted by a witch ?
  • 3
    Little Ethan's Parents are
  • Julian and Ivy
  • Theresa and Julian
  • Theresa and Ethan
  • Theresa and Fox
  • 4
    Theresa became pregnant by Ethan with their second biological child because:
  • Ethan had been drugged
  • Ethan wanted to get back with her
  • She wore a wig and he thought she was Gwyn
  • 5
    Theresa and Ethan have had__ Children together
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
    Martin Fitzgerald was alive and well and living in Mexico with:
  • Julian and Sheridans mother Katherine
  • His son Antonio
  • He was on his own
  • None he did actually die
  • 7
    Whitney and Chad have to end their relationship because:
  • Eve just won't allow it
  • T. C. Threatened to kill him
  • They find out that they are brother and sister
  • Chad has an affair
  • 8
    T. C. Had to give up his tennis career because
  • He married Eve and didn't have time
  • Eve got drunk and hit him with a car
  • He gave it up to coach Whitney
  • He suffered an injury while playing
  • 9
    How did Gwyn loose her baby ?
  • She attacked Theresa and got pushed over
  • She had complications during delivery
  • She was so upset that she had a miscarriage
  • She fell down stairs chasing Ethan
  • 10
    The name of the Man Grace thinks is her husband is
  • Donald
  • Dominique
  • Daniel
  • David
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