Know Your Beatles Lyrics

Do you know the lyrics to Beatles songs?
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Compleate the lyric, "Well, she was just seventeen..."
  • "But boy, was she mean..."
  • "You know what I mean..."
  • "Pretty, smart and lean..."
  • "Her boyfriend was James Dean..."
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    What is the opening line to "Getting Better?"
  • It's getting better every day...
  • I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in...
  • It's getting so much better....
  • It's getting better all the time...
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    Compleate the lyric, "Words are flowing out like..."
  • Drops of rain into a glass
  • Endless rain into a paper cup
  • Raindrops on my head
  • Endless rain into a paper bowl
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    Compleate the lyric, "It's been a hard day's night..."
  • I should be sleeping like a dog
  • And I've been working like a fox
  • I should be sleeping like a fox
  • And I've been working like a dog
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    Compleate the lyric, "Eleanor Rigby..."
  • Writes down the words of a sermon that no one will hear
  • Looks at all the lovely people
  • Picks up the rice in a church where a wedding had been
  • Wipes off his hands as she walks from the grave
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    Compleate the lyric, "Roll over Betthoven..."
  • I'll tell Tchaikovsky the news
  • I've got those rhythmic blues
  • I'll tell Mozart the news
  • I've got those swinging blues
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    Compleate the lyric, "Tell me why..."
  • You die
  • You lie
  • You cry
  • You buy
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    Compleate the lyric, "Love, love me do..."
  • I'm in love with you
  • I'll always be true
  • You know I love you
  • You know I'm in love with you
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    Compleate the lyric, "Looking through a..."
  • Glass window
  • Glass onion
  • Glass turnip
  • Glass door
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    Compleate the lyric, "Wednesday morning at five o' clock..."
  • She is far away
  • She is running away
  • As the day begins
  • As the rooster crows
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