Sublime Quiz

Think you're the ultimate Sublime fan ? Finish these lyrics by Sublime

When given a lyric below, select the answer which compleats the lyric.
"Well I thought I heard you behind me....
  • With a gun straight for my head"
  • With a knife straight for my back"
  • With my heart held in your hands"
  • With Lou dog in your arms"
  • 2
    "Walk a mile just to see her smile....
  • Walk a mile just to talk for a while"
  • Walk a mile just to love her for a while"
  • Walk a mile just to see her for a while"
  • Walk a mile just to rock for a while"
  • 3
    "I want the kind of woman who can make me feel right, not...
  • Slutty stoned sex on a summer night"
  • Sticky hot sex on a Friday night
  • Sloppy drunk sex on a Saturday night
  • Strange weird sex on a Friday night
  • 4
    "Still I got my yellow cat and my wooden baseball bat and my...
  • Shiny silver gat"
  • Slimy little rat"
  • Silky leather hat"
  • Smooth welcome mat"
  • 5
    "Lyin in my plastic bed thinkin...
  • How I want a hit" ?
  • How things are so hard for me" ?
  • How things weren't so cool to me ?
  • How I tried so hard for you" ?
  • 6
    "I swear sometimes you're taking me for granted...
  • I swear sometimes you're a slut"
  • I swear sometimes you're a whore"
  • I swear sometimes you want me
  • I swear sometimes I love you
  • 7
    "How can you say 'you torture me'...
  • You're already wanting someone else"
  • You're already with someone else"
  • You're already thinking about someone else"
  • You're already loving someone else"
  • 8
    "Feelin like I'm going a little....
  • Insane"
  • Crazy"
  • Mad"
  • Country"
  • 9
    I saw my best friend tonight so
  • Don't look at me like that"
  • Don't fight with me"
  • Don't say things like that"
  • Don't push me too far"
  • 10
    "Im funky, not a junkie but...
  • You know I love it"
  • I know how to get some"
  • I know where to get it"
  • You know I want it"
  • 11
    "I'd like to hold her...
  • In my arms all night"
  • Close to me"
  • All the time"
  • Head under water"
  • 12
    "In this cell all I do is sleep and I...
  • Dream that I'm free"
  • Dream I'm with you"
  • Dream that you're with me"
  • Dream that you want me"
  • 13
    "Im too drunk to light the bong, I'm too...
  • Stoned to drink this beer"
  • Stoned to write this song"
  • Stoned to eat this burrito"
  • Stoned to love you"
  • 14
    "This is what they agree to show you...
  • It's just nonsense"
  • It's just stories, tales, lies and exaggerations"
  • It's not real"
  • It's not really the truth"
  • 15
    "What I really wanna say, I can't define...
  • Well it's love"
  • Well i've got you"
  • Well I love you"
  • Well my soul will have to wait"
  • 16
    "I look for attention but im...
  • Just not gonna get it"
  • Just gonna lose it"
  • Just gonna get it"
  • Just not gonna lose"
  • 17
    "Hard work good and hard work fine but first...
  • Have some fun"
  • Take care of your friends"
  • Take care of head"
  • Take care of yourself"
  • 18
    "When you lie it just don't show but...
  • But I know which way the wind blows"
  • But I know who you are"
  • But I know what your like"
  • But I know you're just a ho"
  • 19
    "She picked up a rock...
  • Threw it at his head"
  • Threw it in his face"
  • Threw it at the car"
  • Threw it at his house"
  • 20
    "My love for you is so strong...
  • We were together for oh so long"
  • We went together for oh so long"
  • We were waiting for oh so long"
  • We wanted each other for oh so long"
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