Where's Nemo ?

Just do the best you can and just keep swimming

Nemo wants to play with the other "Cool" kids but Nemo's dad preferes he
  • Play on the sponge beds
  • Stay here with him
  • Go to sleep
  • Follow the teacher
  • 2
    According to the other little fish Nemo had problems ....
  • Touching the boat
  • Touched the butt
  • Kissing his own butt
  • Riding boats
  • 3
    In order to be in tankhood Nemo has to
  • Get every1 out of the tank
  • Go through the ring of fire
  • Eat a bug
  • Plug the filters
  • 4
    When Marlin thinks he sees Dori dead he really sees ?
  • Another fish that looks like her
  • She really is dead
  • He is dreaming
  • Her playing hide and seak
  • 5
    Why did Marlin ask Dori if she was hungry ?
  • He packed an extra sandwich
  • Because he was
  • Because she was about to eat his bubbles
  • Because he thought she had a stomach ache
  • 6
    Dori can speak...
  • English only
  • English & Russian
  • English & Spanish
  • English & Whale
  • 7
    Finish the quote " You got a problem buddy do ya do ya do ya"
  • You wanna pice of me
  • Oh I'm scared now You wanna pice of me yeah yeah
  • Boo Hoo I'm so scared Bring it on lil fish!
  • Go away!
  • 8
    Where did Nemo miss a spot when he brushed ?
  • Under his chin
  • On his fin
  • On his belly
  • Nowhere
  • 9
    Darla killed the last fish by...
  • Eating it
  • Shaking the bag
  • Not feeding it
  • Taking it out of the water
  • 10
    When Dori finds Nemo she doesn't know him until ?
  • She sees Sydney on the pipe
  • Marlin comes
  • Nemo tells him he has 2 find his dad
  • She doesnt find him! Marlin does!
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