Walk The Line

About the movie

With what line did Johnny open his shows ?
  • Let's get this party started
  • Thank you all for being here
  • Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
  • I hope you've got your dancing shoes on
  • 2
    What was a habbit of June's ?
  • She gave people handmade cards
  • If she finished reading a book she gave it away
  • She handmade all of her jewelery
  • She refused to go on-stage without her lucky charm bracelet
  • 3
    What song did June write about her relationship with John ?
  • The jukebox blues
  • Wildwood flower
  • The ring of fire
  • It ain't me babe
  • 4
    Johnny's dad wished that Johnny had died instead of his brother, Jack
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    Who helped Johnny get over his drug addiction ?
  • His family
  • June and her family
  • His band-mates
  • His first wife, Vivian
  • 6
    Why didn't June want to sing Time's a wastin' with Johnny ?
  • She hated the song
  • She couldn't remember the words
  • She recorded it with her ex-husband
  • She wanted to spite Johnny
  • 7
    When Johnny was arrested, where was he hiding his drugs ?
  • In his guitar
  • In a hidden compartment in his suitcase
  • In his shoes
  • He didn't have any drugs on him
  • 8
    What song were Johnny and June singing when they finally got engaged ?
  • It ain't me babe
  • Jackson
  • I walk the line
  • Time's a wastin'
  • 9
    Who did Johnny promise he wouldn't let June be ?
  • The little girl who always cried
  • The miserable old lady who was always alone
  • The little dutch boy with his finger in the dam
  • The little boy who had nowhere to run
  • 10
    Who died first ? Johnny or June ?
  • Johnny
  • June
  • They died together
  • They're still alive
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