How well do you know South of Nowhere ?

Trivia all about the tv show

Who argued over Ashley's new tattoo ?
  • Her mom
  • Spencer and Madison
  • Her Step Dads
  • Aiden and Glen
  • 2
    Has Ashley Davies said that she is gay?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 3
    Who continues to break promises to Ashley?
  • Glen
  • Her Dad
  • Her Mom
  • Madison
  • 4
    When Ashley performs the song, "Hold On", what is she wearing around her neck?
  • Tiffany Heart necklace
  • Her Dad's Dog Tags
  • A necklace Spencer loaned to her
  • A guitar pick
  • 5
    What does Ashley claim life in highschool is "All about...."?
  • "Being someone"
  • "Getting them before they get you"
  • "Who you know"
  • "Surviving the drama"
  • 6
    What is one of the reasons Ashley doesn't give as to why girls look an each other in the shower?
  • Comparison of self to others
  • Natural Curiosity
  • Checking to see if they are attached to you
  • 7
    What adult does Ashley confide in the most?
  • Her favorite teacher
  • Her Shrink
  • Spencer's parents
  • Her mom
  • 8
    According to Ashley, is she "Crazy"?
  • Absolutely not
  • She's not sure
  • It's her greatest fear that she is
  • No, but she likes to let people think she is
  • 9
    What did Aiden say to Madison in defense of Ashley?
  • "At least she's not a bitch like you!"
  • "We didn't get rid of it... We lost it!"
  • "I just used you for sex, Madison, but I loved Ashley"
  • "You're just jealous of Ashley... Admit it!"
  • 10
    Why did Ashley's mom ask her to not come home that night?
  • Her new boyfriend didn't know she had a teenage daughter
  • She didn't want her boyfriend to be more attracted to Ashley
  • She wanted to sleep with the pool guy
  • She wanted Ashley to spend more time with her dad
  • 11
    What mean trick did Madison play on Ashley that had the whole school gossiping?
  • Put a dead rat in her locker
  • Spray painted the word "Whore" on her locker
  • Emailed fake nude pictures of her to everyone
  • Spread rumor that Ashley was sleeping with a teacher
  • 12
    What mischievous thing does Ashley do to Spencer on the beach ?
  • Buries Spencer in the sand
  • Tosses sand on Spencer's back
  • Squeezes water from her hair onto Spencer
  • Throws a towel at Spencer's face
  • 13
    What does Ashley say she "Loves" about Spencer's parents?
  • They don't have a problem with people who are different
  • They actually spend time with their children
  • They both work at jobs where they help people
  • They adopted an African American son
  • 14
    Where is Ashley's tattoo located?
  • Upper shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Breast
  • Lower Back
  • 15
    What does Ashley say about "Boys" when she and Spencer are at the beach?
  • "Boys are so predictable"
  • "Boys all want one thing"
  • "Boys love the idea of being with 2 girls at the same time"
  • Boys are cute but unnecessary
  • 16
    How many step dads does Ashley have?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 17
    What does Ashley say at least her "Gaydar" is better than?
  • Women's Intuition
  • Breeder Meter
  • Boner Sonar
  • Listening to people's lies
  • 18
    What funny picture of Ashley is hanging on her wall to the left of her bed?
  • Her and her mom in funny hats
  • Her and her dad in wild rock star outfits
  • Her and a friend sticking their tongues out
  • Her and Spencer making "Fish lips"
  • 19
    What musical instrument does Ashley play?
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Drums
  • All of the above
  • 20
    What does Ashley's mom say to her as she leaves her at the school?
  • "Ta Ta"
  • Kisses Darling
  • "Bye Bye Sweet Pea"
  • "Ciao Bella"
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