How Well Do You Know As The World Turns?

Questions for any ATWT fan from 2000-2005
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Which two people instantly clashed, but now have a sort of attraction going on?
  • Dusty and Jen
  • Maddie and Casey
  • Jack and Carly
  • Emily and Paul
  • 2
    Which of the following people has Katie NOT slept with?
  • Mike Kasnoff
  • Simon Frasier
  • BJ Green
  • Henry Coleman
  • 3
    Who of the following got Hepatitis and landed them self in the hospital
  • Katie
  • Lucinda
  • Margo
  • Susan
  • 4
    Who has a very imaginative little sister who can sometimes cause a lot of trouble
  • Henry
  • Mike
  • Jack
  • Will
  • 5
    Which of the following crimes was Craig actually innocent?
  • burning of a building that scarred Barbara
  • running Rosanna off the road and putting her in a coma
  • switching two babies at the hospital
  • kidnapping his daughter
  • 6
    Who married a serial killer who stalked the Oakdale Memorial Hospital halls?
  • Kim
  • Susan
  • Emily
  • Carly
  • 7
    What happened when Gwen and Will ran away to New York, to change their relationship?
  • They made love for the first time
  • They broke up
  • They shared their first kiss
  • They said " I Love You" for the first time
  • 8
    Who saved Lucy from her father's kidnapping plot and revealed the truth about Craig?
  • Jack Snyder
  • Aaron Snyder
  • Dusty Donovan
  • Mike Kasnoff
  • 9
    Which of the following gave up college to stay in Oakdale with her boyfriend?
  • Alison Stewart
  • Lucy Montgomery
  • Gwen Norbeck
  • Celia Ortega
  • 10
    Which of the following did NOT contribute to Bryant's fatal car crash?
  • Finding out Craig had been stealing money from his trust fund
  • He had been drinking
  • Finding out that Jennifer had slept with his cousin Billy
  • 11
    Who kissed for the first time at WOAK?
  • Casey and Maddie
  • Lucy and Aaron
  • Ali and Chris
  • Gwen and Will
  • 12
    Where did Chris and Alison make love for the first time?
  • By the Snyder Pond
  • In a hotel room
  • In the backseat of a car
  • At Simon and Katie's cottage
  • 13
    Which child is biologically Tom and Margo's?
  • Adam
  • Daniel
  • Casey
  • Lein
  • 14
    Who did Emily cheat on Hal with the first time?
  • Paul Ryan
  • Mike Kasnoff
  • Chris Hughes
  • Dusty Donovan
  • 15
    Who was shoved out the window and plunged to their death?
  • Bryant Montgomery
  • Rose DeAngelo
  • Marshall Travers
  • Doc Reese
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