Friends Specifics!

How well do you remember the little things?

What did Ross' grandma "Nanna" always steal from restaurants and even other people's homes.
  • Salt Packets
  • Sweet 'n' Low Packets
  • Ketchup Packets
  • Receipts
  • 2
    What did Monica lose in the quiches she was making for her mothers dinner party?
  • A ring
  • A toe nail
  • A finger nail
  • A coin
  • 3
    In "TOW the Worst Best Man Ever" Chandler calls the previous night's stripper to his office under a fake name. What was that name?
  • Chnandler Bong
  • Ross Bing
  • Gunther Bing
  • Gunther Centralperk
  • 4
    Ross buys a new sofa and refuses to pay the delivery charge. He returns the sofa cut in half and is offered a credit of how much?
  • $800
  • $2
  • $40
  • $4
  • 5
    Phoebe's boyfiend (and now husband) Mike plays the Piano for a living while owning his own Piano Bar. What was his previous job?
  • Lawyer
  • Nurse
  • He always played the Piano
  • Doctor
  • 6
    In the 8th Season, what did Chandler think Monica got him for Valentine's Day? (What he thought was right!)
  • A basket of Beer
  • Porn
  • A coupon for a night of "Monica Love"
  • That she forgot
  • 7
    In TOW the secret closet, what did Joey think was in Monica's closet, that scared him so much he ran out of Monica and Chandler's apartment?
  • Junk Food
  • Flesh eating bugs
  • Feminine Things
  • Healthy Food
  • 8
    What did the gang use to poke the "ugly naked guy" to see if he was still alive?
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Chop Sticks
  • Tooth Picks
  • Penicls
  • 9
    Ross moves into Chandler and Joey's place and drive him crazy. They suggest he look at a small apartment with no closet space. What does Chandler suggest Ross can do with his clothes?
  • Keep them in the hall
  • Keep them in the "Kitchen/Bathroom"
  • Hang them out the window in a box
  • Hang them out the window in a bag
  • 10
    When Ross is stood up for a blind date the waitors have a pool going to see how long he will stay. What do they offer him for free?
  • Crab Cakes
  • A lobster Tail
  • Kiwi Lime Pie
  • Crab Legs
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