The 10th Kingdom Quiz

It's magical but do you know everything about it?
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What is Virginia's second name?
  • Lewis
  • Cottam
  • Benn
  • Borwick
  • 2
    What does the Troll King use to make himself invisible?
  • A magic mirror
  • Magic shoes
  • Magic mushroom that he carries round in his pocket
  • A magic medallion
  • 3
    When Virginia locks the 3 trolls in the elevator where do they think they are?
  • In a magical empty kingdom
  • Inside a wardrobe
  • In a spinning vortex
  • In a matchbox
  • 4
    When wolf buys a singing ring and Virginia throws it into the river where does she find it again?
  • In the river where she left it
  • In her glass of river water
  • Inside a fish
  • In her fishing net
  • 5
    In the trial of the death of Sally Peep how did the court make the jury (sheep) go into the guilty pen?
  • By rounding them up with a sheepdog
  • They put food in the guilty pen
  • The sheep's shepherdess was there whistling them on
  • They didn't it was totally fair
  • 6
    After talking to the late Snow White what did Virginia wish for?
  • That she could go home
  • That she could find a way out of this cave
  • That they could find a traveling mirror
  • That her Dad's bad luck had gone & his back wasn't broken
  • 7
    How was the Queen related to Virginia?
  • Nobody said she was
  • It's her sister
  • Her Auntie
  • Her mother
  • 8
    What is Virginia's Dad called?
  • Tim
  • Tony
  • Trefor
  • Timothy
  • 9
    What do Virginia and Wolf climb to escape the path of trolls and their sniffer dogs?
  • A beanstalk
  • Rapunzel's hair
  • A tree
  • They don't climb they use a flying carpet to reach the tree
  • 10
    The woodcutter that will exchange the magic axe for a guess of his name is called?
  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • JackeryDore
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