Drake and Josh Quiz

Are you a mad fan of Drake and Josh on nick?
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If you watch Nickelodeon and you love comedy then you should be able to answer all these cool Drake and Josh questions!!
Who sings the theme to "Drake and Josh"?
  • Sunset Strippers
  • Drake Bell
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Josh Peck
  • 2
    Was Drake's girlfriend Susan also interested in Josh?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 3
    When a band stole Drake's song, what did he end up singing instead?
  • The Blues with Josh
  • The same song just in a different accent
  • J-Lo's "Baby I love you"
  • The English National Anthem
  • 4
    Why did Drake go back to help Josh with the baby?
  • The Baby did a poo all over Drake's guitar
  • Because the gig got cancelled
  • He went back 2 change his shirt but didn't want to go back
  • He felt bad about leaving Josh all on his own
  • 5
    Did Josh replace Drake with another friend called Drew?
  • True
  • False
  • 6
    Why did Megan hand over the phone to Drake when she won tickets to a concert
  • Blackmail-He wanted the tickets so he had to do her homework
  • Coz she was being nice
  • Because He threatened her with a wedgie
  • Megan burnt his guitar so she owed him one
  • 7
    Is Josh 16?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 8
    Did Josh recieve 2 kisses from Susan
  • Yes
  • No
  • 9
    Why did Wendy ruin Drake's date at the movie theatre?
  • She was angry
  • She was jealous
  • She came over to see Drake and pretended not to see his date
  • She wanted to
  • 10
    Who was it that glued the phone down when Drake and Josh were babysitting?
  • Drake
  • Josh
  • Megan
  • Drake's band
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