Napoleon Dynamite

Large quiz of 20 questions on the characters, cast and plots of the movie which has become a cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite

What's Napoleon's first line in the movie?
  • Hey, is this a new kid or something?
  • Whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!
  • But my lips hurt real bad!
  • I'm Napoleon Dynamite
  • 2
    What confuses Pedro most in the movie?
  • Why Napoleon thinks he's such a good artist
  • Why Napoleon likes his bike so much
  • Why Summer won't go to the dance with him
  • Why he can't smash a pinata that resembles a girl at school
  • 3
    Why did Pedro shave his head?
  • He had lice
  • His head was hot
  • Napoleon told him to
  • He said, "Bald is beautiful."
  • 4
    What was the reason (according to Napoleon) that a gang wanted him to join?
  • He's pretty good with a bo-staff
  • They keep tots in their pockets
  • He's a good dancer
  • They liked his hair
  • 5
    Why was Deb going door-to-door selling keychains and advertising glamor shots?
  • She just wanted to go to see Napoleon at his house
  • She was raising money for college
  • Her Mom told her to
  • She was raising money for charity
  • 6
    What does Uncle Rico want more than anything else?
  • To get Tammy back
  • To be the best door-to-door saleman
  • To stay at Grandma Dynamite's house permanently
  • To travel back in time
  • 7
    What's NOT an awesome skill that Napoleon thinks all girls want in guys
  • Bo-hunting skills
  • Dirt biking-skills
  • Computer-hacking skills
  • Numchuck skills
  • 8
    What's Rex's woman's name?
  • Starla
  • Starma
  • Darla
  • Darma
  • 9
    What was Kip making when Napoleon called him from school?
  • A quesadilla
  • Steak
  • A sandwich
  • Nachos
  • 10
    What's NOT one of Pedro's skills mentioned?
  • He's the only guy in school that has a mustache
  • He makes awesome pinatas
  • He's really good at hooking up with chicks
  • He has a sweet bike
  • 11
    Kip tells Napoleon that he's trying to be a what?
  • A rap star
  • A dancer
  • A pimp
  • A cagefighter
  • 12
    Napoleon says Kip has awesome reflexes
  • True
  • False
  • 13
    In Pedro's campaign, what was NOT mentioned?
  • That everyone's wildest dreams would come true
  • That the nerds would receive protection from bullies
  • That the FFA had an awesome schedule planned
  • That there would be two new pop machines in the cafeteria
  • 14
    What do they eat most of in the Dynamite household?
  • Quesadillas
  • Nachos
  • Steak
  • Bass
  • 15
    What sport does Uncle Rico play?
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tetherball
  • Football
  • 16
    Who did Napoleon take to the school dance?
  • No one
  • Trisha
  • Deb
  • Pedro
  • 17
    What club is Napoleon in?
  • Tetherball club
  • Cake building club
  • Bohunting club
  • The happy hands club
  • 18
    What did Napoleon say he did over the summer?
  • Nothing
  • Hunted wolverines in Alaska
  • Went to Scout Camp
  • Learned how to dance
  • 19
    Kip-"Just borrow some from the school nurse...I know she has like 5 sticks in her drawer." Napoleon-" ?? "
  • I'm not gonna use hers you sicko!
  • No! Just come get me!
  • Ugh! Idiot!
  • You're right
  • 20
    Where does Napoleon get his haircut?
  • Bob's barber shop
  • The cuttin' coral
  • Little Buffalo's hair salon
  • Lyle's hair cuts
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