The Sopranos Quiz

General knowledge questions on plots and characters of the hit crime drama, The Sopranos

Who was Jimmy Smash?
  • One of Junior's hit men
  • One of Tony's old school friends from the neighborhood
  • A singing artist originally signed by Heche
  • Anthony Jr's nickname on his football team
  • 2
    Who killed Brandon Fallone?
  • Mickey Palimice
  • Junior Soprano
  • Chucky Signore
  • Tony Soprano
  • 3
    Who told Artie about what really happed to Vesuvio's
  • Livia Soprano
  • A.J. Soprano
  • Meadow Soprano
  • Christopher Moltisante
  • 4
    What's the name of the horse Tony and Ralphie co-owned
  • Bada-Bing
  • Pie-O-My
  • Pasta Fazool
  • Jimmy Smash
  • 5
    Which Sopranos character was whacked first?
  • Richie Aprile
  • "Big Pussy" Bompensara
  • Jackie apprielle, jr
  • Chucky Signore
  • 6
    What did Patsy's twin brother get whacked for?
  • Sleeping with one of Meadow's fellow classmates
  • Telling family secrets to Junior
  • Running his mouth about Livia putting a hit out on Tony
  • Disrespecting the "Bing"
  • 7
    What was the name of Ralphie's girlfriend who worked at the Bada Bing?
  • Theresa
  • Tricia
  • Tracey
  • Gloria
  • 8
    Dr. Melfi dreams of Tony being what type of animal
  • A fierce dog
  • A charging bull
  • A rampaging elephant
  • A sleeping cat
  • 9
    Who said, "The Federal Mashalls are so far up my ass, I can taste Brylcreeme!"
  • Tony Soprano
  • Corrado "Junior" Soprano
  • Herman Heche
  • Arti Bucco
  • 10
    Which Soprano's star played a part in "The Godfather Part II"?
  • Domninic Chianese
  • Nancy Marchand
  • Tony Sirico
  • James Gandolfini
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