General Friends Trivia

Test your general knowledge of all things Friends.

How did Phoebe's "Herbal Guy" remove the "thing" on Ross's butt?
  • It caught in his watch band.
  • Massaged it off.
  • "Melted" it off.
  • Caught it on fire.
  • 2
    What did Phoebe name the 3rd triplett?
  • Lilly
  • Chandler
  • Pheobo
  • Pheobe
  • 3
    What kind of pet did Rachel own very briefly?
  • A Monkee
  • A Dog
  • An Iguana
  • A Cat
  • 4
    Who's tux (that didn't fit) did Chandler choose to wear for his wedding to Monica?
  • Batman's
  • James Bond's
  • Superman's
  • One of Joey's
  • 5
    What was Joey thinking of when he played 20 questions with Pheobe
  • Hot chicks
  • Porn
  • A Sandwich
  • He Forgot
  • 6
    What rumor did Will spread about Rachel in high school?
  • She was born a hermaphrodite and had a tiny little penis.
  • She got drunk and made out with another girl after the prom.
  • She slept with one of the teachers.
  • She stuffed her bra.
  • 7
    Which of the following did Pheobe do while waiting on hold on Monica's phone while the others were out?
  • Fell asleep and missed her turn.
  • Braided every bit of Marcel's fur.
  • Wrote a song called Phone Bitch.
  • Switched all of Rachel and Monica's stuff to each other's rooms.
  • 8
    What was the first song playing in the planetarium on Ross and Rachel's first date?
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • Wicked Game
  • The Age of Aquarius
  • Baby Got Back
  • 9
    What did Monica say her name was to the "Monica" using her credit cards?
  • Pheobo
  • Regina Philange
  • Rachel Green
  • Mo-na-na
  • 10
    What was the alias Joey sometimes used when meeting chicks?
  • Richard Filange
  • Ken Adams
  • Chandler Bong
  • "Sexy Cool Guy"
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong